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Tagged With: Optimus Prime

Custom CRADEL – Optimus Prime

UPDATE 04/27/2012: As pointed out by Aim11 in the comments I forgot to include instructions for Optimus’s Cannons so I through together a quick set using the images from the template. Please forgive my laziness in not printing out another set to take pictures of >__< I’ve updated the instruction sheet to include the new steps so … Continue reading »

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Fully Transforming Optimus Prime paper model

Denarcien from over at just recently send me a link to his awesome Optimus Prime paper model. This one fully transforms and ends up doing a better job of it than the original toy from the 80s… in paper! It’s articulated, it transforms, awesome work Denarcien! His site is in spanish, but Google translate … Continue reading »

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G1 Optimus Prime Papercraft by Avon

My buddy over on the G.I.Joe message boards put together this awesome papercraft of a G1 Optimus Prime.  As part of a paper experiment of sorts he’s opted to use rare earth magnets for joints rather than fashion them purely out of paper.  That said, you would still be able to put together a … Continue reading »

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