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In the Wild

This is a small collection of my models that have been assembled by friends across the inter-webs.

3/24/2013 Jet Vehicons by aim11

3/01/2013 Raph by aim11

2/13/2013 Prime Kids by aim11

12/13/2012 Protoknight Template by lilscotty

12/06/2012 Optimus Cradel by Lilscotty

11/24/2012 Bumblebee Cradel by Lilscotty

11/08/2012 Hotshot Cradel by Lilscotty

07/29/2012 Prime Kids by Aim11

07/29/2012 Prime Kids by Aim11

07/13/2012 Vehicon Cradel by Aim11

05/12/2012 Optimus and Hotshot Cradels by Aim11

04/06/2012 Seekers by Aim11

03/18/2011 Scrapper reskin by Aim11

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