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Pepakura is a really awesome little program. What it does is allow you to take 3D files (like from 3D Studio Max or blender or something) and it will “unfold” the model and give you a template that you can print out in order to make a paper model of that 3D file. While I’ve only just started getting into the whole Pep scene I’ve started amassing a fairly decent collection of files. Typically the files I’ve been collecting fall into “Giant Robots”, “Super Heroes”, or “Armor/costume”. I’ve posted some pics of the Iron Man helmets that I’ve put together, but really, that’s just the tip of the ice burg. For cool models that are available for download else where I’ll include a post in the PaperCraft section of this site. For others that are OK to pass along, I’ll offer them for download from here. Thanks for stopping by and happy Pepping ^__^ (You’ll need to register to download any of the files)

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