Partners – The Kids [Roller Prime]

Team Autobot.. so far

OK, so I’m sure that you were expecting the next model I release to be a bot.. or a con… But I’ve tricked you! Instead I’m releasing some humans. Based on their size I was originally planning on waiting until I had all of the humans done and releasing them in a group. I’ve designed them to be about in scale with the robots so these guys end up being quite tiny. The tallest one, Jack, stands at about 5/8″ tall. Raph is about 1/2″ and is the smallest model I’ve done to date. As you can imagine you can get a lot of these guys on to a page so the idea of waiting until I had enough to fill a sheet of 8.5 by ll would take ages.

Here’s Raph standing on the tip of my middle finger 🙂

Eventually, I plan on also doing Jack’s mom: June, Agent Fowler, Silas, his lead mad scientist and the MECH faceless minion. So even with 5 more designs on the page that leaves a ridiculous amount of room for like 50 MECH minions… When I test built the first one (Miko) I blew up the design by 500% and printed that out and it came out looking pretty decent. Hurrah for vector graphics eh? So after I designed her friends Jack and Raph I dialed her down a bit and did them all at 300% and I think that works nicely. Jack ends up being about 2″ or so tall which is nice for display I think. I decided to give you both the original size and the giant sized models on one sheet. This way those that just want the kids can have them and those that want the tiny versions to have with their robot miniatures have those too.

This is the files blown up 300%

These kits mark the first release under the category of “Roller Prime”. I’ve been working on a splintered version of the Little Roller game rules that I’ve titled “Roller Prime”. It focuses more on player vs player combat rather than co-op and I’ve included a mechanic for parters/pilots to be teamed up with your Bot. I haven’t decided what all these kids will bring to the game yet so if you download the file before I update it then you won’t get their game cards… most folks I assume won’t mind lol. If you’re interested in checking out Roller Prime or helping me to play test it then let me know via the contact form or the comments below 🙂

No directions this time… if folks really need them I’ll make them but you should be able to figure them out pretty easy I think… they’re just boxes for goodness sake haha

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Transformers Prime: Kids
Cute little paper models of the kids from Transformers Prime. The template includes models of reasonable size as well as models scaled to go with the robot miniatures in the Roller Prime line.

OP: They’re so small… Bee ‘careful you don’t step on them.
Bee: *boop beep zwoop*

Update: Some assembled models by my friend AIM over on Deviant Art:
Prime Kids by aim11 in both sizes

Update 2/13/2013: Another build of Jack and Miko by AIM over on Deviant Art

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Custom CRADEL – Vehicon [little roller]

I’ve gotten a few requests on whom I should do next but this guy has been rattling around in my noggin demanding to be let out.  Besides, the ‘bots need someone to fight right?

Bob: I don't see anything, you Jerry? Jerry: Nope.

I love the design of these guys, in fact they are the first “Army Builders” that I’m actually interested in Army Building lol.
Here’s a bit of what the tfwiki has to say about them: 

Vehicons may be Megatron and Starscream’s cannon fodder, but they do possess sweet alternate modes, be they sports cars or jets. Whether they are individuals or drones with unique programming remains unclear.

They are also called Eradicons. It’s a bit confusing.

Don't fire 'till you see the glow of their optics!

So, my version here has probably the most intricate chest that I’ve done so far and the most unique engineering on the head.  I’m very pleased with how they turned out :).

I have yet to play test them in Phantom Capsule so if anyone does try using them I’d like to hear about it.  In order to try and balance these guys out with how they appear in the show as compared to the Prime cast I’ve made them a bit slower than BumbleBee/Hotshot but it doesn’t cost as much Energy to transform.  Also they only have an armor rating of 2 so they won’t be able to take a whole lot of damage.  Weapons wise they have a blaster similar to Bee, but only get a single shot, but have a bonus where they get an extra ATT for each other Vehicon that’s within 3″ of them.  I figure if you have a Vehicon flanked by 4 others around him, then his blaster will end up doing 7 ATT which isn’t too shabby.  It promotes the idea that they need to be and work as a squad.  The bonus is free too so no extra Energy required to utilize it.

Rumble time!

In other news, sometimes I’m looking for folks to help me out w/ test builds or to make sure my instructions make sense. Follow me on Twitter (@wulongti) where I often put such requests and also share work-in-progress pics or notes.

You can grab the instructions and the template below and if you opt to “share” the file then if I update them, you’ll automatically get the update in your google docs ^__^

Dog Pile!

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Chibi Vehicon Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns

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Chibi Vehicon Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns

Update 06/12/12: Ok, I’m going to close the survey and get to work on my next model. The results of the survey are below, but you’ll just have to wait to see what the next one will be. You can also follow me on twitter @wulongti where I often post Work In Progress pics or sometimes share exclusive prototype models. For example I recently posted some pics of a new model I’ve been working on, but I’m not ready to release it just yet 🙂

Update 07/13/2012: My buddy AIM over on DeviantArt put together a Vehicon ^__^

Put together by AIM 🙂

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DOTM Megatron paper model [repost]

Here is a very high detail model of the leader of the decepticons: Megatron, as depicted in the 2011 movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  The execution of this model just looks fantastic.  I don’t see any joints here though so I assume it’s a paper statue (which significantly drops my chances of building it lol).

The site providing this file is in japanese but I was able to stumble though thanks to Google Translate so I’d assume you will be able to as well.  The file share site it’s linked to though was a bit problematic and took me several tries.  If you run into trouble you can share my copy here.

[DOTM Megatron – Source]

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Custom CRADEL – Hotshot [little roller]

Here’s the “obvious repaint” :] I guess gone are the days of painting a BumbleBee red and calling him CliffJumper, but Hasbro couldn’t let a BumbleBee mold slip by without a repaint so we have the Transformers: Prime version of HotShot.

Visor Options (up or down)

Hot Shot is an Autobot serving under Optimus Prime in the Great War. Young and impetuous, he’s always waiting with enthusiasm and confidence for his next mission (so long as he isn’t paired with Kup again). Perhaps he’s got something to prove, but any leadership qualities he might possess have yet to show themselves.

Rear view

As this is a “repaint” just like it’s inspiration is, the Stats and abilities for this Phantom Capsule add-on are the same as for BumbleBee. He gets an armor rating of 4, movement of 8 (12 when transformed) and 2 attacks. The first is his blasters that get a double strike (can pick 2 different targets or the same one) and the other is a punch that has the bonus of knocking the target back 3. When play testing w/ Bee, I found punching a monster, knocking it back and then firing off both blasters at it, to be a pretty effective combo :]

Grab the instructions and the template below, I’m reasonably sure that you can save the files to your own Google Docs as well as “share” them w/ me. Doing the latter will insure that if I update the file, you’ll have the latest version. After all, I may one day do the blasters for him lol. Who should I do next? let me know in the comments below ^__^

The group thus far

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Chibi Hotshot Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

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Chibi Hotshot Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

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Custom CRADEL – Optimus Prime

UPDATE 04/27/2012: As pointed out by Aim11 in the comments I forgot to include instructions for Optimus’s Cannons so I through together a quick set using the images from the template. Please forgive my laziness in not printing out another set to take pictures of >__<
I’ve updated the instruction sheet to include the new steps so either redownload it or, if you shared the file w/ me, then your copy is updated automatically :]

This guy took a bit longer than expected but he’s well worth it. He’s my most detailed model to date and you’ll find all sorts of embellishments and options as you build him ^__^

This model is based off of Optimus Prime as he appears in Transformers: Prime.

Over the centuries, loss and war have led Optimus to appear stern and serious to most. But scratch the surface, and you’ll find an individual who greatly cares for his fellow living beings, with a warmth and kindness his closest friends can rely on. You’ll also find regret over the loss of a comrade to darkness, and the faintest glimmer of hope that he can be saved.

For starters, if you split the windows apart in the center then you’ll have a chest that can open up to reveal the Autobot Matrix of Leadership! I’ve also given you the option of building his head with, or without his iconic Battle Mask and he includes 2 sets of weapons. The Big Bot comes with two Cybertronian Battle Swords as well as 2 Plasma Cannons so you can mix and match as you see fit.

In addition, this model is also another expansion for the FREE Print-n-Play table top game Phantom Capsule by LittleRoller. I’ve included the marker and tech sheet you’ll need to play the game. Optimus is slower than BumbleBee and doesn’t get Bee’s double attack but he does have a bit more armor and has the unique trait that you can power up his Plasma Cannon with as much energy as you can spare in order to potentially do more damage. His sword has a high attack value at 8 but the cost is 10 so it’s not something you can just throw about.

I haven’t play-tested Optimus yet so he could be completely broken and over powered. If you use him in a game let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear how it went.

The next one is nearly done given that it’s a “repaint” but I need to finish up a new head for him. (hmmn.. I wonder who that could be then… lol)

Grab the template as well as the instructions below. Remember that if you save the file to your Google Docs then if I update it, yours will get updated too! To do this just hit the Share button in the top right and enter your email address, I typically respond w/in the hour if I’m at my computer. (which is 80% of the time)

Still need to arm BumbleBee…

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Chibi Optimus Prime Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns, 2 swords, optional battle mask and chest option to reveal Matrix of Leadership.

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Chibi Optimus Prime Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

UPDATE 12/10/2012: Lilscotty over on DeviantArt put together a copy of this model 😀

Optimus model by Lilscotty

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Battle Tanks Expansion [Little Roller]

The age old rivalry between Red vs Green on Christmas morning continues on the violent streets of Roller City!

I’ve finished the final touches on the next expansion set for Little Roller‘s game: Phantom Capsule. This time it’s tanks. Much like the Fighter Jets, these tanks are super easy to assemble and will fit right in with the scale and model style of Little Roller’s other game pieces. I seriously thought about modeling the tanks after Warpath and so the first color I did was red… but that’s about it for recognizability. On the other hand there’s not much you can say about Warpath’s alt mode other than “Hey, there’s a red tank” :/

This model goes together pretty easily and is all one piece. Just be careful of the really small tabs. When making mine I folded them over using my scoring knife (butter knife used upside down) and I also had to use the tip of my cutting blade to help hold the tabs as the glue dried. A tooth-pick would have worked here too. In this set I’m giving you 3 of each color in Red, Green, Tan, Blue, White and Black as well as 3 “AI cards” for your game.

In the Phantom Capsule Game, your mech (CRADLE) can summon a tank by leaving all energy (P) in your battery for a full round and the tank becomes active at the start of the next round. Once active the tank will move towards the closest enemy 2″ at a time until it’s in range then start firing until one of them is dead. The tank has a speed of 2 so it will most likely be the last to go in the round but it does have a range of 10″, has an attack of 5 and does not require line of site to hit a target.

In my play tests I haven’t put them to effective use yet as either my mech or the monster has been taken out before the tank has gotten to move 🙁 I’ve also come to the decision that there needs to be some more monsters so I’ll see what I can do on that front as well.

Happy Building and gaming!

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Battle Tank Miniatures
A set of tanks modeled after the Abrams for use in Phantom Capsule. Designed by WuLongTi. Includes 3 tanks each of red, green, blue, tan, white and black. Also includes rule cards for use in the game.

Directions could be summed up in one image this time ^__^

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Up coming game [Heroscape]

My buddy Justin and I are going to try to get together once a month or so for a game of Heroscape or possibly some other tabletop miniatures gaming. Our next game is going to potentially set for May 19 so if you’re in range of Carteret NJ send me a message or use the Google Calendar Event below 🙂

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ProtoKnight Template

feeling a little... blah

I’ve put the final touches on my own model rather than modifying another designer’s template and here it is! I’m calling it the ProtoKnight and this model is designed to be modular. The arms, shoulders, head, chest, boots and core are all made to separate so that you can mix and match components to create your own custom combinations. I originally designed this model for a game a buddy and I are working on. Players will be able to create characters in the game and print out their equipment or what not in order to outfit their own character toy.

Pull yourself together man!

I don’t know if the game will ever happen.. but the model is still pretty cool. I don’t have anything beyond the template just yet but I welcome other designers and artists to have fun with it and see what all they can come up with. I’m thinking about “importing” the armors from Infinity Blade, I really love those designs.

[Download ProtoKnight Template]

On a completely unrelated note…


For this past St. Patrick’s Day I downloaded a few models that would be in keeping w/ the holiday. I put together a leprechaun Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse for my youngest, which she fully enjoyed. I also found a model of a little leprechaun in a cartoony looking mech. This thing was one of the most annoying models I’ve ever built. Tabs were put in the weirdest places, fold lines were omitted and there were no instructions to go by. I found myself making my own tabs or rearranging tabs as I was cutting it out. The model also had me cutting things that probably should have been left alone. I nearly finished the thing. Only had one leg left to do but I just couldn’t do it. The thing annoyed me too greatly and it sat unfinished on my shelf until well past St. Patty’s. I got tired of seeing it laying there mocking me so it went out w/ the recycling. If you stumble across this thing, keep in mind that you’ll be better off coming up w/ your own tabs, or better yet; print out this guy and paint him green.

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Fighter Jet Miniatures [Little Roller]

I’ve been going back and forth with Matt from Little Roller about his game “Phantom Capsule” and I’m working on adding some expansion sets for it.

Stay in formation!

This first expansion includes some Fighter Jets that your CRADLE will be able to call in to help fight the monsters. I haven’t play-tested these yet so feed back is welcome. I couldn’t find any jet miniatures that I liked that were A) small enough when compared to the CRADLEs or B) simple enough to construct to fit w/ the theme and style of the models that Matt already designed. So I took it up to design my own from scratch.

I’ve always been a big fan of the F-15 Strike Eagle and as this blog would attest a huge fan of Transformers so I’ve modeled my design after the alt mode of the Decepticon Seekers. These models are lacking the Decepticon symbols but they are still quite recognizable as StarScream, ThunderCracker and SkyWarp. As a bonus I’ve also included jets for AcidStorm and SunStorm.

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Fighter Jet Miniatures Template
Expansion set for use in Phantom Capsule or for display. Designed by WuLongTi and modeled after the Decepticon Seekers. Includes 5 jets and rules for use in the game.

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Fighter Jet Miniatures Instructions
Expansion set for use in Phantom Capsule or for display. Designed by WuLongTi and modeled after the Decepticon Seekers.

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Custom CRADLE – BumbleBee [Little Roller]

As advertised I have finished my first fully custom CRADLE based off of the model designs by Matt Pierce over at little roller.  This time I’ve completely designed or modified everything keeping only the rough shape and construction of Matt’s original model.  This custom is BumbleBee from Transformers: Prime which in my humble opinion is the greatest Transformers show.. ever.  It’s late and I’m pretty tired so I’m not going to ramble on and on so here are some pics of my prototype model (the one available for download has had some tweaks and improvements made, but I haven’t built one yet).  I also put together an instruction document for you, enjoy ^_^
Download Links below. 

PS. I also did a spec card for him so you can use Bee in your game of Phantom Capsule 😀

Bee looks out over the great wasteland that is.. the kitchen table

hanging out with some buds

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Chibi BumbleBee Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

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Chibi BumbleBee Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

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