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Custom CRADEL – Jet Vehicon [little roller]

I know it’s been quite a while since I worked with paper.. in fact, it’s been nearly a year to the day that I released a paper toy. This seems like it would be such an easy thing and I’m surprised it took me this long to get to it. It ended up being a … Continue reading »

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Partners – The Kids [Roller Prime]

OK, so I’m sure that you were expecting the next model I release to be a bot.. or a con… But I’ve tricked you! Instead I’m releasing some humans. Based on their size I was originally planning on waiting until I had all of the humans done and releasing them in a group. I’ve designed … Continue reading »

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Custom CRADEL – Vehicon [little roller]

I’ve gotten a few requests on whom I should do next but this guy has been rattling around in my noggin demanding to be let out.  Besides, the ‘bots need someone to fight right? I love the design of these guys, in fact they are the first “Army Builders” that I’m actually interested in Army … Continue reading »

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DOTM Megatron paper model [repost]

Here is a very high detail model of the leader of the decepticons: Megatron, as depicted in the 2011 movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  The execution of this model just looks fantastic.  I don’t see any joints here though so I assume it’s a paper statue (which significantly drops my chances of building it lol). The … Continue reading »

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Custom CRADEL – Hotshot [little roller]

Here’s the “obvious repaint” :] I guess gone are the days of painting a BumbleBee red and calling him CliffJumper, but Hasbro couldn’t let a BumbleBee mold slip by without a repaint so we have the Transformers: Prime version of HotShot. Hot Shot is an Autobot serving under Optimus Prime in the Great War. Young … Continue reading »

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Custom CRADEL – Optimus Prime

UPDATE 04/27/2012: As pointed out by Aim11 in the comments I forgot to include instructions for Optimus’s Cannons so I through together a quick set using the images from the template. Please forgive my laziness in not printing out another set to take pictures of >__< I’ve updated the instruction sheet to include the new steps so … Continue reading »

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Fighter Jet Miniatures [Little Roller]

I’ve been going back and forth with Matt from Little Roller about his game “Phantom Capsule” and I’m working on adding some expansion sets for it. This first expansion includes some Fighter Jets that your CRADLE will be able to call in to help fight the monsters. I haven’t play-tested these yet so feed back … Continue reading »

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Custom CRADLE – BumbleBee [Little Roller]

As advertised I have finished my first fully custom CRADLE based off of the model designs by Matt Pierce over at little roller.  This time I’ve completely designed or modified everything keeping only the rough shape and construction of Matt’s original model.  This custom is BumbleBee from Transformers: Prime which in my humble opinion is the … Continue reading »

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TF: Prime Arcee, BumbleBee and Kreo BumbleBee [toys]

A week or so ago I picked up a few more toys. From the TRU website I ordered the Transformers: Prime Deluxe Arcee and BumbleBee toys and a few days later picked up the Kreo BumbleBee kit (the big one). I have to say that I am very impressed with the Arcee figure. She’s got … Continue reading »

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Window Markers

My daughter and I have been doodling on the windows with her new window markers. Thought I’d share ^__^

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