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Anything not covered by something else will fall into this category

Transmissions Interview

I had a great time talking with the guys on the Transmissions Podcast about my process, my designs, upcoming toys.. all kinds of stuff! Give it a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it 😀 Transmissions Episode 29: Interview with Christian Brock of Wu Long Toys Related PostsOnline Toy Design Starter Course New Jersey Collector’s Con

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It’s been a while…

Hey guys just a quick note. I know it’s been a long time since I updated this blog and even longer before the post before that 🙁 All of my creativity has been getting pumped into my Toy Design venture called Wu Long Toys. I’ve got a nice little Facebook page that I’ve been putting … Continue reading »

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Sorry about the hiatus

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted here so I’m sorry about that. I’ve had a paper sketch for a cradle version of Transformers Prime: Sound Wave about half done for like.. EVER. but other things have been taking my attention. Tons has happened so where to start, and what have you missed? Okay, … Continue reading »

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Window Markers

My daughter and I have been doodling on the windows with her new window markers. Thought I’d share ^__^ Related PostsPartners – The Kids [Roller Prime]

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Take a ride on the magic plane!

More Google Maps shenanigans.  They amuse me. View Larger Map

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More Google Maps Tomfoolery

I was looking up where a local Autoparts store might be, and according to the Google Maps street view rt 94 actually veers off the road in order to cut through the Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-through. View Larger Map

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House Update

The long and short of it is that we’re not getting the Saltbox Colonial because the seller’s bank is a jerk, but we may have found something better. ^__^ Continue reading »

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Wormhole discovered in Butler NJ thanks to Google Street View!

While wandering around a movie theater I’m thinking of going to for the premier of Iron Man 2, I found a hole in the space time continuum. Follow the Google Maps link below and take 1 step to the North and you’ll find yourself in a place where time and space no longer have meaning. … Continue reading »

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House Hunting

New photos added to the gallery for the house we’re looking to get. Continue reading »

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Windows doesn’t support… Windows??

This morning I was reading the IE Developer Blog and they were talking about all the great things that IE 9 is going to do, and how it will come even closer this time to being on par with all the other browsers.  An interesting thing caught my eye though, in the post the author … Continue reading »

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