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Finished my first IronMan helmet

I’ve already started work on a second one that will blow this one away in terms of detail and quality, but here’s the results of my first one: Clickie the image for more info and images on my other blog. Related PostsMaking my own paper action figure template

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Starting some new armor

I’ve started building up a sizable collection of papekura templates for full sized scifi armors (Halo is a big one, also some Clone Trooper stuff). The idea is that you print out these templates on card stock, put them together, add some reinforcement via resin epoxy and coat with fiberglass to get a finished product. … Continue reading »

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The better to see you with

I never seem to get very much time to work on my projects… This weekend I didn’t get a thing done on shadow, but it’s not too bad as my folks came up from MD to visit me for my birthday weekend. I think that a good time was had by all. On Saturday I … Continue reading »

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Eye can see you…

I finally carved out some time to do Shadow’s eye balls. I did one set before these but I wasn’t happy with how the were tracking. So here’s the progress thus far.

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Shadow gets teeth

I skipped taking pictures of the sculpting process so you’ll have to use your imagination. I sculpted the teeth, gums and tongue using crayola model magic. The stuff is really easy to shape and use, also super easy clean up. It air dries and is super light weight. It will also stay a little smooshy … Continue reading »

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Revamping Shadow

I’ve started reworking my shadow costume; in particular the head. In my original version I had taken a werewolf Halloween mask, painted it black, and replaced the fur. I also added some extra bits around the mouth so that he wasn’t constantly snarling. I believe I have a picture somewhere: While I liked the mask, … Continue reading »

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