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About Wu

I’m a big enough geek to dress up as a Jedi at the premier of StarWars III and have anime costumes in my closet, but not a big enough geek to play Klingon Boggle. I love HeroScape and my friend Bill is trying to pull me into D&D. I don’t think it will take much… I also enjoy playing LARP (Live Action Role Playing) where we run around in the woods dressed like RenFaire rejects and smack the crap out of each other with padded weapons. I’m geek enough to admit that I do LARP, but not enough to have ever done “lightning bolt! lightning bolt! lightning bolt!” Hmmn… I guess I’m the Metro sexual equivalent of a geek… That realization is kind of scary…

Aside from all that I’m currently working for Advance Digital as a Front End Developer. They call us “FEDs” :).  I’m one of those rare animals that can design as well as code so that means I never have an empty plate and I often put in too many hours…  I also have some pretty decent Google-Fu so I can get done most things that they need from me.

At home, I’m a pop with 2 beautiful little girls and a loving, lovely lady.  One of my babes is 19 and the other is 9… a big stretch I know… One of these days I’ll get some pics of them up.

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