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It’s been a while…

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Hey guys just a quick note. I know it’s been a long time since I updated this blog and even longer before the post before that 🙁

All of my creativity has been getting pumped into my Toy Design venture called Wu Long Toys. I’ve got a nice little Facebook page that I’ve been putting works in progress, completed figures, all that stuff. I’ve kinda been ignoring this blog since most of the links pointing at it are papercraft related and I worried that you guys would get annoyed if I started hitting you with all this non-papercraft stuff.

But you know what? I figure if you’re here, you like toys, you like transformers, and you like creative pursuits so I might as well keep you updated with whatever it is I’m working on. ^__^

I can’t make any promises and it’s certainly more work to create a blog post than it is to send a tweet or upload a quick pic on facebook; but I’m going to endeavor to at the least keep this updated when I have new toys available in my shop or I have some bit of news that I think is pretty awesome ^__^

Thanks for sticking with me, I’ve got SOOO much stuff planned for this year. It’s going to be awesome!


Twitter: @WuLongToys @WuLongTi (the personal one)

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