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Sorry about the hiatus

Posted by on December 1, 2012

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted here so I’m sorry about that. I’ve had a paper sketch for a cradle version of Transformers Prime: Sound Wave about half done for like.. EVER. but other things have been taking my attention. Tons has happened so where to start, and what have you missed?

Okay, a lot of my updates have been going up on my deviant art page so check me out over there: to include a lot of transformers related artwork:

Let’s see… what else… Oh, and I’ve been working on leveling up my 3D skills in google Sketchup.  In fact I now have a shapeways shop setup: where I’m selling designs I’ve been working on for add-on parts to upgrade your Transformer Kreons from little lego knock-off dudes into full on action masters 😀

.. and the last order of business is communication.  I’m working on being a lot more active on Twitter and Facebook now so I’ve been putting a lot of WIPs and requests for feedback there. I’d love it if you could come join in the conversation 🙂



Okay, that’s it for now.  Though now that I’m improving my 3D skills I’ll be much more keen on working on some of the paper projects that I’ve started there.  For starters, I’ve got a fully articulated action figure template I’m working on as well as an Optimus Prime (War Within style) costume helmet.  So many projects so little time in the day!  Seriously, follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook to be kept more up to date on what all I’m doing (^__^)

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