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Partners – The Kids [Roller Prime]

Posted by on July 23, 2012

Team Autobot.. so far

OK, so I’m sure that you were expecting the next model I release to be a bot.. or a con… But I’ve tricked you! Instead I’m releasing some humans. Based on their size I was originally planning on waiting until I had all of the humans done and releasing them in a group. I’ve designed them to be about in scale with the robots so these guys end up being quite tiny. The tallest one, Jack, stands at about 5/8″ tall. Raph is about 1/2″ and is the smallest model I’ve done to date. As you can imagine you can get a lot of these guys on to a page so the idea of waiting until I had enough to fill a sheet of 8.5 by ll would take ages.

Here’s Raph standing on the tip of my middle finger 🙂

Eventually, I plan on also doing Jack’s mom: June, Agent Fowler, Silas, his lead mad scientist and the MECH faceless minion. So even with 5 more designs on the page that leaves a ridiculous amount of room for like 50 MECH minions… When I test built the first one (Miko) I blew up the design by 500% and printed that out and it came out looking pretty decent. Hurrah for vector graphics eh? So after I designed her friends Jack and Raph I dialed her down a bit and did them all at 300% and I think that works nicely. Jack ends up being about 2″ or so tall which is nice for display I think. I decided to give you both the original size and the giant sized models on one sheet. This way those that just want the kids can have them and those that want the tiny versions to have with their robot miniatures have those too.

This is the files blown up 300%

These kits mark the first release under the category of “Roller Prime”. I’ve been working on a splintered version of the Little Roller game rules that I’ve titled “Roller Prime”. It focuses more on player vs player combat rather than co-op and I’ve included a mechanic for parters/pilots to be teamed up with your Bot. I haven’t decided what all these kids will bring to the game yet so if you download the file before I update it then you won’t get their game cards… most folks I assume won’t mind lol. If you’re interested in checking out Roller Prime or helping me to play test it then let me know via the contact form or the comments below 🙂

No directions this time… if folks really need them I’ll make them but you should be able to figure them out pretty easy I think… they’re just boxes for goodness sake haha

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Transformers Prime: Kids
Cute little paper models of the kids from Transformers Prime. The template includes models of reasonable size as well as models scaled to go with the robot miniatures in the Roller Prime line.

OP: They’re so small… Bee ‘careful you don’t step on them.
Bee: *boop beep zwoop*

Update: Some assembled models by my friend AIM over on Deviant Art:
Prime Kids by aim11 in both sizes

Update 2/13/2013: Another build of Jack and Miko by AIM over on Deviant Art

5 Responses to Partners – The Kids [Roller Prime]

  1. SomeGetMoreNo Gravatar

    Those look awesome. Can u make atfp wheeljack and ultra magnus next please. That would be awesome thanks.

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      WheelJack is certainly on my list of bots to get to. There aren’t really enough references to do Ultra Magnus though unless some kind hearted person would be willing to put a new UM toy in my hands that is… 😉

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