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DOTM Megatron paper model [repost]

Posted by on May 16, 2012

Here is a very high detail model of the leader of the decepticons: Megatron, as depicted in the 2011 movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  The execution of this model just looks fantastic.  I don’t see any joints here though so I assume it’s a paper statue (which significantly drops my chances of building it lol).

The site providing this file is in japanese but I was able to stumble though thanks to Google Translate so I’d assume you will be able to as well.  The file share site it’s linked to though was a bit problematic and took me several tries.  If you run into trouble you can share my copy here.

[DOTM Megatron – Source]

8 Responses to DOTM Megatron paper model [repost]

  1. aim11No Gravatar

    Note that, as far as I understand from the google translate, you need to print some of the pages more then once and you need some of the pages from each file (one is right and the second is left)

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      Awesome, thanks for the info mate. I’m starting to get the impression that this model is every bit as much a pain as you would expect from dealing with Megatron 😉

  2. Timothy ShifflettNo Gravatar

    hello, i downloaded the megatron paper model transformer from your website and i don’t see any instructions on how to build it and if you have one in the full tractor trailer paper model form, i can be reached at my e-mail on this, [redacted]
    i went to see transformers in 3d at the movies and i would have to say it makes you feel like you were a part of the movie wearing the 3d glasses

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      Sorry Tim, I’m not the designer of this model. All I can say is to go to the designer’s site linked in the post and do your best w/ google translate. I think I’ve seen a paper model of Megatron’s truck mode but I don’t have it. Try taking a look on

  3. Timothy ShifflettNo Gravatar

    hello, how about the dark of the moon megatron vechile mode paper model ,

  4. biomachinNo Gravatar

    good can not be used.this model can be sent to email –, thank you

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