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Custom CRADEL – Optimus Prime

Posted by on April 27, 2012

UPDATE 04/27/2012: As pointed out by Aim11 in the comments I forgot to include instructions for Optimus’s Cannons so I through together a quick set using the images from the template. Please forgive my laziness in not printing out another set to take pictures of >__<
I’ve updated the instruction sheet to include the new steps so either redownload it or, if you shared the file w/ me, then your copy is updated automatically :]

This guy took a bit longer than expected but he’s well worth it. He’s my most detailed model to date and you’ll find all sorts of embellishments and options as you build him ^__^

This model is based off of Optimus Prime as he appears in Transformers: Prime.

Over the centuries, loss and war have led Optimus to appear stern and serious to most. But scratch the surface, and you’ll find an individual who greatly cares for his fellow living beings, with a warmth and kindness his closest friends can rely on. You’ll also find regret over the loss of a comrade to darkness, and the faintest glimmer of hope that he can be saved.

For starters, if you split the windows apart in the center then you’ll have a chest that can open up to reveal the Autobot Matrix of Leadership! I’ve also given you the option of building his head with, or without his iconic Battle Mask and he includes 2 sets of weapons. The Big Bot comes with two Cybertronian Battle Swords as well as 2 Plasma Cannons so you can mix and match as you see fit.

In addition, this model is also another expansion for the FREE Print-n-Play table top game Phantom Capsule by LittleRoller. I’ve included the marker and tech sheet you’ll need to play the game. Optimus is slower than BumbleBee and doesn’t get Bee’s double attack but he does have a bit more armor and has the unique trait that you can power up his Plasma Cannon with as much energy as you can spare in order to potentially do more damage. His sword has a high attack value at 8 but the cost is 10 so it’s not something you can just throw about.

I haven’t play-tested Optimus yet so he could be completely broken and over powered. If you use him in a game let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear how it went.

The next one is nearly done given that it’s a “repaint” but I need to finish up a new head for him. (hmmn.. I wonder who that could be then… lol)

Grab the template as well as the instructions below. Remember that if you save the file to your Google Docs then if I update it, yours will get updated too! To do this just hit the Share button in the top right and enter your email address, I typically respond w/in the hour if I’m at my computer. (which is 80% of the time)

Still need to arm BumbleBee…

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Chibi Optimus Prime Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns, 2 swords, optional battle mask and chest option to reveal Matrix of Leadership.

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  • added: 27/04/2012
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Chibi Optimus Prime Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

UPDATE 12/10/2012: Lilscotty over on DeviantArt put together a copy of this model 😀

Optimus model by Lilscotty

20 Responses to Custom CRADEL – Optimus Prime

  1. aim11No Gravatar

    After following the instructions, I am left with 6 unused parts (3 pairs). I guess those are the Plasma Cannons – can you help with instructions for them as well?

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      Yeah sure. I actually designed those AFTER I did the instruction sheet :/ so that’s why the cannons aren’t included. Tomorrow I’ll throw together an assembly guide for the guns as they are a bit tricky.

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      Instructions have been updated mate 🙂

  2. dimasNo Gravatar

    where is bulkhead

  3. Kotetsu BustilloNo Gravatar

    can you make star saber or forge of solus prime for optimus prime

  4. bustefy123No Gravatar

    template won’t appear

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      you may need a google ID as I’m using gDrive to store and serve these files :/
      but it’s set to public so idk…

  5. bustefy123No Gravatar

    I saved it to my photos now I don’t know how to print it. ( I’m using windows 8 )

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      Sorry, I generally try to avoid Win8. I’m sure there’s a way to print your photos.. maybe with a right click menu?

  6. transformers loverNo Gravatar

    make Arcee please. My sister would LOVE it

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