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Custom CRADLE – Demon [Little Roller]

Posted by on March 21, 2012

I’ve had the files for ages, but I finally got around to printing out the game pieces for Little Roller‘s miniatures game: Phantom Capsule. This weekend my buddy Justin and I put together the game pieces and tried the game out and I have to say I rather enjoyed it. I had a few issues with the combat rules and came up with some alternates that the game’s author (Matt) has blessed. I’ve also taken such a liking to the little mechs (CRADLEs) that I’ve decided to start designing some of my own.

This first one I call “Demon” and it’s more or less a “repaint” of Matt’s custom Hitodama with some modifications here and there.

Demon and Hitodama

Click me to download my template!

If you’d like to grab the template for Demon click on the Download link below or on the image to the right. I’m trying something new out and instead of my usual Download system I’m trying out using Google Docs to pass the file along. I got the idea from Paper Posables who handles his files that way. I found that I could just add the file right to my Google Docs instead of having to actually download it locally. Then it’s saved in the cloud ^__^

Note: I’m working on a new completely custom CRADLE that’s going to make quite a “buzz”. It might even “transform” the way you look at these little guys 😀

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Custom Cradle - Demon
Demon is more or less a "repaint" of LittleRoller's main mech in his game Phantom Capsule available at, it's an easy one to start off with

5 Responses to Custom CRADLE – Demon [Little Roller]

  1. ShadreeNo Gravatar

    Do you have a higher res version of the template? This one is tiny and only 72dpi.

    • WuLongTiNo Gravatar

      I’ve updated the file so it’s now at 300 dpi, same as the others 🙂

      Thanks for pointing that out. I also learned that if you just use “Right Click >> Save Image As” That you only get an 96 dpi version… I didn’t know that before…

  2. Roller cradlesNo Gravatar

    Its a good template. I used it and find appropriate with my choice.

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