Transmissions Interview

I had a great time talking with the guys on the Transmissions Podcast about my process, my designs, upcoming toys.. all kinds of stuff! Give it a listen, I think you’ll enjoy it :D

Transmissions Episode 29: Interview with Christian Brock of Wu Long Toys

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3D Print Show NYC 2014

This year I got to go to NYC for the 3D Print Show thanks to getting a pass from Sculpteo! Had a great time and got to meet with so many interesting people. I also got the fantastic opportunity to talk with reps for all the different printer manufacturers as well as reps from all the service bureaus. Thankfully I had my prototype MiniBots on hand and was able to show them off to everyone. Whenever I would talk with them I would show off my little guys and say “Here, this is what I want to make, can your printer do it?” Most of the time the answer was a quick “Sure, no problem” but based on what they had on display I was HIGHLY skeptical. The best/most honest evaluation came not from a printer rep (not surprising), but from a Sketchup rep, Mark. ^__^ BTW, they were very happy to hear that my MiniBots were all modeled in Sketchup.

What Mark told me was that they used several different Makerbot Replicator 2s in their office and most of them had to be dialed in just right. He also said that they named all of their printers and the ones that printed reliably and without trouble were named for Autobots and those that gave them problems were named for Decepticons :D

He hadn’t worked with the Rep3s yet but told me I was better off sticking with the service bureaus for now.

I also learned through talking with Natalia from Shapeways that the chances of us EVER getting a home Laser Sintered printer were practically ziltch. Even with the expiring patents and what not, the tech is currently huge. The printers are the size of a large refrigerator. Even if they were able to condense it down to the size of something you could put on your desk, the process of extracting and cleaning parts from the excess powder/support material takes up a lot of room and is SUPER messy. She said that is something you DON’T want in your house as powder gets everywhere. Apparently the Shapeways factory looks like everything is dusted in chalk. :/

So there goes that dream and I no longer see a point in waiting for this type of tech to show up in a home model. So I think that if I go with a home printer I’m going to try out the Replicator Mini from Makerbot. It’s not something that I think I can use for production and becoming my own distributor of toys, but I think I should be able to use it for knocking out quick prototypes of things and odd parts before sending them off to Shapeways or Sculpteo.

Speaking of Sculpteo, I think I’m going to try them out. I setup a shop AGES ago but never maintained it or ordered anything from them. They offer more colors, higher detail prints, and faster production times than Shapeways, but end up being about 20% more expensive. Still, it would be nice to get a print of theirs in hand just to see how it stacks up.  Who knows, it might just be worth the extra $ for those that want the higher detail without having to go into Frosted Ultra Detail and losing out on the strength/flexibility that the Polyamide (White Strong Flexible) offers.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I took some shots from the show and I’ve uploaded them into galleries on Facebook as well as Google+ so have a look. There was much awesome to be had there ^__^

FaceBook Gallery
Google Gallery

Till next time guys, be excellent to each other!


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It’s been a while…

Hey guys just a quick note. I know it’s been a long time since I updated this blog and even longer before the post before that :(

All of my creativity has been getting pumped into my Toy Design venture called Wu Long Toys. I’ve got a nice little Facebook page that I’ve been putting works in progress, completed figures, all that stuff. I’ve kinda been ignoring this blog since most of the links pointing at it are papercraft related and I worried that you guys would get annoyed if I started hitting you with all this non-papercraft stuff.

But you know what? I figure if you’re here, you like toys, you like transformers, and you like creative pursuits so I might as well keep you updated with whatever it is I’m working on. ^__^

I can’t make any promises and it’s certainly more work to create a blog post than it is to send a tweet or upload a quick pic on facebook; but I’m going to endeavor to at the least keep this updated when I have new toys available in my shop or I have some bit of news that I think is pretty awesome ^__^

Thanks for sticking with me, I’ve got SOOO much stuff planned for this year. It’s going to be awesome!


Twitter: @WuLongToys @WuLongTi (the personal one)

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Custom CRADEL – Jet Vehicon [little roller]

I know it’s been quite a while since I worked with paper.. in fact, it’s been nearly a year to the day that I released a paper toy. This seems like it would be such an easy thing and I’m surprised it took me this long to get to it. It ended up being a bit harder than I thought but not as bad as creating a new one from scratch. So I guess you’d call this a “remold” as opposed to a “repaint” if it were a plastic toy.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I’m trying a new way of presenting the instructions.  Let me know what you think in the comments (or the google doc comments, that’s cool too).

Showing off the front and the back.. and the difference in my two printers...

Showing off the front and the back.. and the difference in my two printers…

When I first saw these guys in Transformers Prime I was pretty impressed, they looked like something out of Batman’s bag of tricks.  Then when the Elite ones in silver/chrome came on the scene.. well, I was blown away.  They didn’t fight any harder and didn’t seem to be any tougher though.. just a different color and still went down in a shot or two but they sure did look good. :D

I’ve made a few changes to the Vehicon Stat card as well if you’re using these guys in game.  They are a lot faster than anything on the board and also have the ability to attack while transformed but at a cost of doing less damage and having lighter armor.  I hope it balances out, I need to play test them.. They also get the same bonuses that the ground based Vehicons get by being close to each other.  So all Vehicons have synergy whether they be land, air, or elete. ^__^

Hopefully this will make things tough on the good guys XD

2 Jets so far and 3 cars.  I'll need to fix that when I get more printer ink.

2 Jets so far and 3 cars. I’ll need to fix that when I get more printer ink.

My latest shapeways project is moving along, it’s a line of non-transforming action figures based off of Transformer characters.  Much like the Action Masters but smaller and more articulated.. and with light piping.  Response to them is good.  Not ready for public release yet but if your interested check out my Facebook page.  All of my current models have reached a point where they need to be test printed again so I’m saving up my money till I can afford another wave of testing.  I’ve put out a call for testers but I’m not getting any bites :/  I think folks are wary after the last round failed and they were left holding some light pipe eyes and no figure.   I can’t say I blame them.

Here's all the vehicons I have so far

Here’s all the vehicons I have so far

So now I’m taking a little break from the plastic world to work in the paper one again.  I’ve gotten a lot of requests for different characters from Transformers and I’ve even mostly finished up a design for Soundwave on paper.  But what I really want to work on is some of the Jeagers from Pacific Rim.  What would be more perfect in the standalone game of Little Roller, fighting against Kaiju bent on destroying your city than a chibi Gypsy Danger? :D

I really need to get a move-on too while the movie is still hot and maybe I can get the official FB page or twitter account to retweet me or pass along the link to my work ^__^

I hope you guys enjoy the fruits of my labors and I’d love to see some pics ^__^

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Chibi Jet-Vehicon Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to

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Chibi Jet-Vehicon Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns

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Chibi Jet-Vehicon ELITE Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns

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Contest Time!

I have been working on developing a table top strategy game involving giant robots and papercraft. The working title for this game is called Roller Prime, but the final version will likely be changed.

So as I’m working on this, I came to the realization that I need your help! Yes, you! You with the love of paper and/or robots and/or games!

What I need are robot characters for the game. The characters must be original, non-copyright characters that are not tied to any IP infringing existing media. They can be close or homage existing characters as well as parody them but let’s try not to get sued.

Your contest entry must include:

  • a drawing or image of your character from multiple angles (front and back)
  • a short 3-4 sentence bio
  • a list and description of any special attacks/weapons or powers
  • drawings or images of any weapons or items your character uses

Robots should be sentient, that is to say self-piloting. There will be a call for piloted mecha in the future. Robots may transform if you chose but are not required to do so.

All contestants will receive download access to the Beta version of the game once it’s released.

Third Place- (3) third place winners will be chosen to have their entry added to the game and converted into a chibi paper model miniature.

Second Place- (2) second place winners will be chosen to have their entry added to the game and converted into a chibi paper model miniature. They will also receive in the mail an assembled copy of their model printed on card stock and put together by me.

First Place- (1) first place winner will be chosen to have their entry added to the game and converted into a chibi paper model miniature. They will also receive in the mail a fully printed and assembled copy of the full game to include all characters, play mats, rules, cards and dice; all contained within a custom wooden box.

Legal Stuff
Contest Entries must be turned in no later than midnight February 28th and should be sent to with the subject of “Roller Prime Contest”.
All entries become the property of WuLongToys to be used solely for the game or promotional materials relating to the game. Contest open world wide, however, I will only pay for up to $10 shipping outside of the continental United States so the remainder of the shipping fee must be covered by the contest winner.

Good luck to everybody and get those entries going :D

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Just a quick note on the Spice Labels

For those interested, I’ve uploaded a blank version of my Spice Labels. You can find it in the Downloads section under “general” or the link below. Thanks and Enjoy :)

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Blank Spice Labels
This PDF has all of my labels but with the text and spice images removed so that you can add your own. I've preserved the editing capabilities so if you have Photoshop CS5 or better you will be able to open it in that program and turn text back on as well as edit the text.

The file size is about 37 MB so you'll get a page saying that it's too big for Google to scan. Don't worry, it's clean.

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New lego parts for your minifigures

At the request of Tresob on I’ve put together these parts to aid in displaying your minifigures.

The idea being that the figure could be solidly pegged into a platform but still be positioned as if walking. Ideally he wanted the part in transparent but I’m sure that builders could come up with all other sorts of uses for this part. The part has two openings so that one way you will have a 30º slope but if you plug it in the other way you get a 60º slope.

I have yet to test this part but my measurements are exact to within 0.01mm Enjoy :)

Link to Shapeways Shop


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Sorry about the hiatus

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted here so I’m sorry about that. I’ve had a paper sketch for a cradle version of Transformers Prime: Sound Wave about half done for like.. EVER. but other things have been taking my attention. Tons has happened so where to start, and what have you missed?

Okay, a lot of my updates have been going up on my deviant art page so check me out over there: to include a lot of transformers related artwork:

Let’s see… what else… Oh, and I’ve been working on leveling up my 3D skills in google Sketchup.  In fact I now have a shapeways shop setup: where I’m selling designs I’ve been working on for add-on parts to upgrade your Transformer Kreons from little lego knock-off dudes into full on action masters :D

.. and the last order of business is communication.  I’m working on being a lot more active on Twitter and Facebook now so I’ve been putting a lot of WIPs and requests for feedback there. I’d love it if you could come join in the conversation :)



Okay, that’s it for now.  Though now that I’m improving my 3D skills I’ll be much more keen on working on some of the paper projects that I’ve started there.  For starters, I’ve got a fully articulated action figure template I’m working on as well as an Optimus Prime (War Within style) costume helmet.  So many projects so little time in the day!  Seriously, follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook to be kept more up to date on what all I’m doing (^__^)

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Partners – The Kids [Roller Prime]

Team Autobot.. so far

OK, so I’m sure that you were expecting the next model I release to be a bot.. or a con… But I’ve tricked you! Instead I’m releasing some humans. Based on their size I was originally planning on waiting until I had all of the humans done and releasing them in a group. I’ve designed them to be about in scale with the robots so these guys end up being quite tiny. The tallest one, Jack, stands at about 5/8″ tall. Raph is about 1/2″ and is the smallest model I’ve done to date. As you can imagine you can get a lot of these guys on to a page so the idea of waiting until I had enough to fill a sheet of 8.5 by ll would take ages.

Here’s Raph standing on the tip of my middle finger :)

Eventually, I plan on also doing Jack’s mom: June, Agent Fowler, Silas, his lead mad scientist and the MECH faceless minion. So even with 5 more designs on the page that leaves a ridiculous amount of room for like 50 MECH minions… When I test built the first one (Miko) I blew up the design by 500% and printed that out and it came out looking pretty decent. Hurrah for vector graphics eh? So after I designed her friends Jack and Raph I dialed her down a bit and did them all at 300% and I think that works nicely. Jack ends up being about 2″ or so tall which is nice for display I think. I decided to give you both the original size and the giant sized models on one sheet. This way those that just want the kids can have them and those that want the tiny versions to have with their robot miniatures have those too.

This is the files blown up 300%

These kits mark the first release under the category of “Roller Prime”. I’ve been working on a splintered version of the Little Roller game rules that I’ve titled “Roller Prime”. It focuses more on player vs player combat rather than co-op and I’ve included a mechanic for parters/pilots to be teamed up with your Bot. I haven’t decided what all these kids will bring to the game yet so if you download the file before I update it then you won’t get their game cards… most folks I assume won’t mind lol. If you’re interested in checking out Roller Prime or helping me to play test it then let me know via the contact form or the comments below :)

No directions this time… if folks really need them I’ll make them but you should be able to figure them out pretty easy I think… they’re just boxes for goodness sake haha

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Transformers Prime: Kids
Cute little paper models of the kids from Transformers Prime. The template includes models of reasonable size as well as models scaled to go with the robot miniatures in the Roller Prime line.

OP: They’re so small… Bee ‘careful you don’t step on them.
Bee: *boop beep zwoop*

Update: Some assembled models by my friend AIM over on Deviant Art:
Prime Kids by aim11 in both sizes

Update 2/13/2013: Another build of Jack and Miko by AIM over on Deviant Art

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Custom CRADEL – Vehicon [little roller]

I’ve gotten a few requests on whom I should do next but this guy has been rattling around in my noggin demanding to be let out.  Besides, the ‘bots need someone to fight right?

Bob: I don't see anything, you Jerry? Jerry: Nope.

I love the design of these guys, in fact they are the first “Army Builders” that I’m actually interested in Army Building lol.
Here’s a bit of what the tfwiki has to say about them: 

Vehicons may be Megatron and Starscream’s cannon fodder, but they do possess sweet alternate modes, be they sports cars or jets. Whether they are individuals or drones with unique programming remains unclear.

They are also called Eradicons. It’s a bit confusing.

Don't fire 'till you see the glow of their optics!

So, my version here has probably the most intricate chest that I’ve done so far and the most unique engineering on the head.  I’m very pleased with how they turned out :).

I have yet to play test them in Phantom Capsule so if anyone does try using them I’d like to hear about it.  In order to try and balance these guys out with how they appear in the show as compared to the Prime cast I’ve made them a bit slower than BumbleBee/Hotshot but it doesn’t cost as much Energy to transform.  Also they only have an armor rating of 2 so they won’t be able to take a whole lot of damage.  Weapons wise they have a blaster similar to Bee, but only get a single shot, but have a bonus where they get an extra ATT for each other Vehicon that’s within 3″ of them.  I figure if you have a Vehicon flanked by 4 others around him, then his blaster will end up doing 7 ATT which isn’t too shabby.  It promotes the idea that they need to be and work as a squad.  The bonus is free too so no extra Energy required to utilize it.

Rumble time!

In other news, sometimes I’m looking for folks to help me out w/ test builds or to make sure my instructions make sense. Follow me on Twitter (@wulongti) where I often put such requests and also share work-in-progress pics or notes.

You can grab the instructions and the template below and if you opt to “share” the file then if I update them, you’ll automatically get the update in your google docs ^__^

Dog Pile!

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Chibi Vehicon Template
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns

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Chibi Vehicon Instructions
Custom "Cradle" for Phantom Capsule based off of Matt Pierce's original design. Heavily modified and redesigned by WuLongTi. For more information on Phantom Capsule go to
<br />Model also includes 2 guns

Update 06/12/12: Ok, I’m going to close the survey and get to work on my next model. The results of the survey are below, but you’ll just have to wait to see what the next one will be. You can also follow me on twitter @wulongti where I often post Work In Progress pics or sometimes share exclusive prototype models. For example I recently posted some pics of a new model I’ve been working on, but I’m not ready to release it just yet :)

Update 07/13/2012: My buddy AIM over on DeviantArt put together a Vehicon ^__^

Put together by AIM :)

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